Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jade and I had a mother daughter day today and we went to where elese? Coffee at Barnes and Noble. Then we went to Micheal's and had lunch together at Panera Bread. She asked me this morning if we could spend time together. I thought I had better because she is getting older and probably will soon not want to anymore. It was really fun.

We ran into Aunt Malinda and she joined us, that
certaintly was a very pleasant suprise!!! I do
so love Aunt Malinda and so does Jade.

Everyone always says how much Aunt Malinda and Jade look alike. Yeah I see it now!

we have arrived!!

I know that you may think that saying "we have arrived" is a little pompus so I will explain what I mean. Matt applied for his masters in Architecture and didn't get in. We were both a little shocked and wondering why. We both thought that God's plan for our lives was Matt becoming an architect and then we will have made it. The money would be awesome the lifestyle would be great, and maybe then we would be happy. So, Matt came home from work after a long day of praying about it and came up with this answer.
God doesn't want us to always be looking to the future (here on earth) saying it will be better when (I get that job, I loose weight, ect...). We can get caught up in that and by the time you know it, your 80 years old and looking back saying did I really live my life? By always looking into the future you miss the blessing that God has given right now. My family, my house, my job, my friends. I don't want to miss the blessings that are right in front of my face. So, therefore, Matt and I have arrived and we are going to enjoy and appreciate every moment God has allowed us to have.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Matt and I were watching t.v last night when we looked outside and were amazed at the scene. This picture was taken looking down my street. At this moment I wish that I had cross country skis. I would have put them on and skied all the way to the all night dunkin donuts and had myself a cup of coffe at midnight. All the way there I would have been enjoying the quiet scerenity that God allowed me to enjoy. He really is something. He always knows what we need and when we need it!!
When jade went out back, all of the bushes were bowed over creating a natural "chamber" as jade called it. The kids loved playing in the "chambers" for hours. At one point I overheard them saying that they each lived in a different chamber and that they were going to go over eachothers chamber for coffee. I have no idea where they ever got the idea of going over for coffee. For a while that is all I did. I do love a good cup of coffee.

we woke up this morning to a winter wonderland of snow. I don't think I ever remeber having this much snow in one storm. Gavyn loved it! Being outside with his sister hugging the snow as if it were warm and fuzzy. I do love him and his appreciation for all of God's gifts. My children remind me of that daily. Which I have to admit is quite a bit humbling to be honest.