Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today was an awesome day!!
I have to be honest today, I didn't wake up in the best of moods. How can that be? It is sunday afterall right? Well it seems that most sundays it is a little hard to get going, for me and the rest, but it seems that my 8 year old daughter has the worst time getting ready. She is the first one up and showered and the last one out the door. Of course we seem to always loose our temper after telling her for the 500th time to get ready. So, when we got to church we were already stressed out and I was feeling less than ready to be there, that's when the Lord shows up!!! We sang the first few songs and still I was in my "attitude" until.... The worship band adjusted the lead singer, they all looked at eachother ready to play, and then they played this song I had never heard befor!!! It was called the HAPPY SONG. While they sang that blue grass song, God spoke to my heart. Changed my whole day. Boy did I love that song. That song may have just saved my daughter from being grounded for the rest of her life, ha!! After church, I got to spend time with my very good friend and she let me get a look at her very awesome shabby chic bedroom, I love it!! And the whole family got to take a walk together around the block. I do have to say that God did show up today, when I got out of the way. Praise God!!


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Great pix!! You're a great photographer. Glad you liked the song, we had fun playing it.